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Welcome to QuickBurst, glad you could drop by.  Here you will find many unique products directed at the Hobby Rocketry market.  We offer many products that will make your project perform as designed.

We offer products that are regulated by the BATFE as well as alternative products that are not regulated.  Either way I believe you will find items that fit your needs.

Our products are broken down into catagories, Ground Support Products, Chemicals and Launch Control Systems.  Be sure to browse all sections if for no other reason but to learn what is available and for what task. 

Ground Support Products ,  Motor Starters, Ejection Charge Starters, Igniter Kits, Nomex, Wire

Chemicals ,  Curatives, Metals, Plasticizer

Launch Controls , NovaII and The Cluster Buster 

How2 Center,  Rocketry How To Books

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