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Triton X-100 Surfactant


2 Fluid Ounce Dropper-cap Bottle

$10.00 per bottle


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Triton X-100 is clear liquid that acts as a wetting agent and defoamer. It helps reduce viscosity and remove gases during mixing and processing. Triton X-100 may be used with other processing agents such as PDMS (silicone oil) and lecithin.

Recommended usage is one drop per 250 grams of propellant mix. Use an eyedropper (included) to dispense. The 2-ounce bottle contains enough surfactant to make about 500 pounds of propellant.

The hydroxyl equivalent weight is approximately 600. At the very low percentage used (~0.02%), it does not affect the curative calculation.

This is pure technical-grade Triton X-100. Many sources of X-100 contain water and other impurities which may cause foaming and incomplete curing. Our product comes in a high quality HDPE easy-dispensing
dropper-cap bottle.






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