Super Nova 2 and 4

The Super Nova 2


Introducing the first in the New Line of QuickBurst Lunch Controls. Featuring the Super Nova 2.  It is capable of launching two pads.

Super Nova 2 pads. You can launch Pad 1 then Pad 2, or in reverse, you can also launch them both at once. The controller is labeled clearly and operation of the unit could not be easier. Select the pad(s) you need, check continuity, check the skies, engage the TRA and NAR safety approved safety, then press “Launch”. The project(s) will roar into the sky. The Nova line of launch controls are real power houses and will easily light clustered flights. They are robust and built to last.

5′ – 14 AWG Power cable with 50 amp battery clamps.
20′ – 14 AWG ignition cables.
E-Match safe continuity system for each pad.

The continuity check will operate even when the safety key is out, and you can check continuity at the pad or with the controller.

Safety key (used to arm the controller).
The units consist of two control boxes:
The first is the Pad box which sits down at the pads and hooks up to a 12 volt car type battery, many other battery chemistries will do as well. This battery runs the ignition and control circuits.
The second is the Control Box which stays with the Launch Control Officer.
Very easy to use. Operate it once and you’re an expert.
Comes with the Operating Procedure.
LEDS are used for better clarity.
1 Year warranty on parts and labor. If it fails during the first year I fix it free. You ship it to me for any repairs at your cost, I fix it then I pay to ship it back to you.  If you need repairs after the warranty period, I will make the repairs at a reasonable cost.  You will be responsible for shipping both ways.
Uses Cat5 control cables:

Available control cable lengths.  The prices below include shipping.

50 Feet – $325.00

100 feet – $335.00

200 feet – $355.00

300 feet – $365.00

400 feet – $375.00

500 Feet – $385.00


These products are assembled and shipped as ordered.  We do not keep them in stock.