QuickBurst Nova II

QuickBurst Nova II

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A true 12-volt Relay Type Launch Control System, this unit has power to spare. The small compact modular design is a snap to set up. The power is unbelievable. The New Nova is a 12 volt relay type launch control that puts power at your fingertips. It is capable of lighting most any igniter trouble free. Lighting clusters is no longer a problem, the Nova has plenty of power for those Clustered Flights.  We can not allow returns, I can not return defective electronic parts.  I will repair and of my launch Controls at a reasonable rate.  If it’s within the one year parts and labor warranty. Your Nova will be repaired free of charge.  You pay to ship it to me and I pay the return shipping.  If you are past your warranty I’ll fix it at reasonable rates, and you will pay shipping both ways.

1.) 12 volt automotive relay rated at 30 amps guarantees max power to your igniter.
2.) 50 to 500 foot control cable (or see options below).
3.) Rugged poly housings.
4.) 20 foot 14 gauge igniter cable.
5.) 5 foot 14 gauge power cord.
6.) Convenient “fits in the palm of your hand” control box.
7.) 15mA continuity check built into control box. Continuity check is E-Match safe, no “unplanned events”.
8.) NAR and Tripoli approved safety interlocks.
9.) Light weight and easy to transport.
10.) Fast and easy to learn, use and set up.
11.) Full Documentation
12.) Guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for one full year.

Setting the Nova up is a breeze. The relay box sits down at the pad along with the battery; 12 volt Automotive recommended. Stretch the control lead back to the safe zone and plug in the two control leads. Match red to red and black to black. Check continuity with the black button, You can check continuity at the pad and with the controller, a green light means the continuity check has passed and the igniter is good. Plug the safety key in and start the countdown. Press the red launch button and see your project roar into the sky. Simple as that.

The Nova II is not kept in inventory, we manufacture them as ordered.  Please allow up to three weeks for delivery

Your launch control is shipped Parcel Post with Delivery Confirmation or FedEx if requested.  We do send shipping notification via e-mail.

Nova II with 50 feet of control cable.$125.00

Nova II with 100 feet of control cable.$140.00

Nova II with 150 feet of control cable.$155.00

Nova II with 200 feet of control cable.$170.00

Nova II with 300 feet of control cable.$195.00

Nova II with 400 feet of control cable.$230.00

Nova II with 500 feet of control cable.$260.00