QuickBurst Disposable EZ Ejection Canisters

Before using our EZ Canisters it is advisable to check it’s eejection charge starter for continuity.  This is a simple task and can be accomplished in one simple test.  This will assure that your EZ canister will function as designed and has not been damaged during shipment.  We check each one prior to shipping but it’s a good idea to recheck as part of your pre flight check.  Follow the simple procedure below.

You will need a volt meter (VOM) capable of checking continuity.  Most all meters will do this.

Step Description
1. Cut the ends of the starters leads at the twisted end, opposite end from the canister.
2. Strip about ½” insulation from both lead ends.
3. Set your VOM to read continuity.
4. Hold each lead end to one probe of your meter and take a reading.  There is no polarity so use either lead it does not matter.
5. A reading of zero, or no tone indicates that the bridge wire in the starter has broken and there is no continuity, discard, do not use.

How to use the EZ Ejection Canisters.

After checking the continuity your disposable canister is ready to use.  The canister is designed to be discarded after use as they are not re-useable.  Simply remove it dispose of properly.  EZ Ejection Canisters SM are 1 ½” long and 9/16″ ID, LG are 2.5” long and 3/4” ID.  The SM will hold up to 4 grams, the LG will hold a massive amount of ejection charge powder, anywhere from one to twelve grams.  Our starters are compatible with all known electronics packages.

Resistance: 1 Ohm +/- .2 Ohms

Minimum all fire current: .5 Amp

Max no Fire Current: .30 Amp,

Recommended Min. Firing Current: .75 Amp

Recommended Nominal Firing Current: 1.0 Amp,  Maximum Test Current: .04 Amp

* (Equal to Oxral)

Danger …..  Use eye and ear protection.
Step Description
6. Weigh out your 4F ejection charge powder.
7. Pour the measured amount of ejection charge powder into the open end of the canister.  The ejection charge powder must be installed first, in order to cover the match head.  Always keep your powder in contact with the match head.
8. Now place Cellulose insulation or any fire proof wadding  (dog barf) on top of the powder.  Use enough completely fill the canister void all the way to the top and pack lightly.  The packing will assure that the ejection charge powder stays in place during the stresses of flight.
9. Use one layer of masking tape to cover the top, 1 ½ tape works well.  Then put a wrap all the way around the top, like a collar.  You don’t need to go overboard here, you are not building a firecracker  All you want to do is close the top in order to hold the packing in place.  I also like to poke a small hole (pencil tip size) in the top closure, this will provide a weak point.  Colored powders can be added for color bursts if needed.
10. You are ready to go.  Make the necessary electrical connections and fly.
11. Always use a fresh battery in your electronics, we advise replacing the battery as a vital part of your flight prep. A weak or inferior battery will not fire an ejection charge starter.  We recommend Eveready Titanium E2 or Duracell batteries.  A fresh battery is the best insurance for a successful flight.