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From a customer:

Since you do not have a review input on the web site though to drop a
note with email.

Have been using ProCast for a year now on simple nichrome wire igniters.
36ga nichrome on 24 ga shooter wire.
Never had a failure to light a motor and have given a number to club
members when the Aerotech igniter didn’t light the motor.

For smaller Quest C & D motors, I use 28ga wire-wrap wire with 40ga
nichrome to keep the size small enough to fit the nozzles.
Always works.

Did my first Air start last weekend. AT D15T motor, Eggtimer Quantum &
2S LiPo. Used 40 ga nichrome on 24ga shooter wire.
Estimated about 1.5sec to get the motor to thrust from ignition command.

Also have been dipping the AT igniters in thinned ProCast. This works
great for very reliable ignition.

Thanks for a great product.




Dipped Starter                                                    Kit Contents


Test Equipment                                 Starter and Thermocouple Set Up


           Thermocouple after test                                          Results



ProCast Mix Procedure

Pro Cast Hot Wire Ignition

ProCast E-Match Ignition

How To Make ProCast Low Current Motor Starters