Mix Kit Procedures as .pdf Files

Here You will Find All of my MixKit procedures as .pdf files.  This can be used as a reference for lost or misplaced Procedure Sheets.  The files will download as .pdf files where you can save or print them from your computer.


QuickDip 14 and 28 Gram Kits

New QuickDip

Hot Shot Conductive Mix 28 Gram Kit

Mix Procedure Conductive Hot Shot


ProCast 7, 14 and 28 Gram Kits

Mix Procedure ProCast


Conductive Starter Mix

Mix Procedure Conductive Starter Mix


Common Uses for the Mix Kits

QuickBurst Pyrogen Kit Uses


Mix Kit SDS Sheets

QuickBurst Motor Starters

SDS Safety Data Sheet QuickBurst Starter



SDS Safety Data Sheet QuickDip


Hot Shot Conductive Mix

SDS Safety Data Sheet Hot Shot Conductive Mix


H-3 Compound

SDS H-3 Compound



SDS Safety Data Sheet ProCast Pyrogen