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This product can be shipped to Canada.

Here is the first of several How2 DVD’s, this one is titled “How To Make Igniters”.  Each disk contains 41.5 minutes of detailed instruction, explaining exactly how to manufacture your own igniter’s.  The ATF tends to ignore this activity as long as they are for your own use.  Self manufacturing your igniter’s will save you time and money; more than enough money to pay for the DVD, and you’ll spend less time running back and forth from the pads to replace a defective igniter.  Nothing could be simpler.  Follow the instructions included on the DVD and success is right around the corner.

DVD Chapters Included on the DVD:

1.)   Making the resistance coil

2.)   Mixing QuickDip

3.)   Dipping Igniters
a)  QB Large Igniter Kit
b)  QB Small Igniter Kit
c)  Dipping E-Matches


4.)   Checking Continuity


5.)   Coating Igniters


6.)   Painting Grains


7.)   Testing Igniters


8.)   Making e-matches
QB E-Match Kit


9.)   Coating E-Matches


10.)  Testing e-matches

For a limited time the DVD package deal will come with a bottle of QuickDip and an Igniter Kit of your choice.  Or order the DVD “Stand Alone”.

Heres what you get in the package deal:

1 – How To Make Igniters DVD, MSRP $25.00

1 – Igniter Kit, either Small or Large, MSRP $6.50

1 – 14 Gram QuickDip Kit, MSRP $22.50.00

MSRP for all of the above would be $66.50 but you can buy the entire package now for only $40.00 plus Shipping and handling.

To order, please make your selection below.

Please note that the e-match kit referenced in the video is no longer available.

DVD With Small Igniter Kit $40.00
DVD With Large Igniter Kit $40.00
DVD Stand Alone $25.00


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