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First of all; I thank each and every one of you.

I retired from Dow Chemical Company, Freeport Texas about 2001.

Along about 2001 I started selling igniters through “Rocketry Online Auctions” and was fairly successful, more than I had imagined.  My oldest invoice was issued to Neil Tarasof, dated July of 2001.”  Not long after that 12/25/2001 I started my Website.  Sales were slow at first then things started to pick up.

I’ll not bore anyone with more history.  I’ve been fairly successful in my efforts.

Well all things change ….. I’m now looking to slow things down a bit.  I’ve decided to close my website down and move away from Retail Sales a bit.  I’m going to focus on my Dealers and let them handle the retail end.


Please turn to these dealers for my products.

Apogee Components

Chris’s Rocketry Supplies

Off We Go rocketry (sorry, I can’t get the link to work?)

MJG Technologies


They are all good people and they will treat you right.

I’m also looking for new dealers. if you are a dealer and you’re interested, please contact me.

My email address is Quickburst9346@gmail.com









Made In Texas By Texans


Welcome to QuickBurst, were glad you dropped by.

Don’t trust PayPal or other payment services?  Check out with the new mail order option.  Fill out the form, do a little math, mail it in with a check or money order and you’re done.



QuickBurst Mail order Form


Mail the form with a personal check or money order to:

David Bachelder

1222 Sportsman Dr

Trinity, Tx  75862

I personally thank each of you for your continued support.

Due to the many questions I’ve received about Enhancing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Motor Starters I have published a video to show how to use my products to get the job done.

Please see: OEM Motor Starter Enhancement


We are no longer able to ship to Canada.  This is due to the New CARM regulations.  The new regulations will make it very difficult for small businesses to trade in Canada.  The new regulations are more than a small business like mine can afford and remain competitive.


Ground Support Products

ProCast, Hot Shot Conductive Mix, Conductive Starter Mix, And QuickDip, Ejection Charge Starters, EZ Canisters Nickle Chromium Resistance Wire and  Igniter Kits.

Launch Controls

The Cluster Buster, Nova II and The Super NOVA 2 and Super NOVA 4

Calling Customer Service:


Feel free to call with any questions or concerns.  If you call and I don’t answer please leave a message and a call back number.  If my phone rings and I don’t recognize the number I usually don’t answer.  This is because of the many, many Robot Calls I get.  I have found that not answering them is the most efficient way to get rid of them.



All of my Mix Kit Procedures as .PDF Files.  Now you can download the Mixing Procedures that have been damaged or lost as PDF Files.

See: http://quickburst.net/qb/mix-kit-procedures-as-pdf-files/




Do not use these products outside of the manufacturers intended use.

These products are intend for use in Model Rocketry, any other use is outside of the manufacturers intended use, and we will not be held responsible for any injury or property damage to the end user.