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Welcome to the How2 Center

Here you will find several publications designed to guide you through the in's and out's of rocketry.  In other words everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.  We will cover each and every aspect of the Hobby in each How2 DVD.

Each title is a link which opens a new page explaining the DVD's contents.  Browse through them and purchase the DVD you need. 

How To Make Igniters 

Dual Deployment Made Easy

Future Topic

Future Topic 


We would like to hear your comments, tell us what you would like to have covered.  We have started a mailing list, be sure to sign up for updates and offers.  Click here and include "subscribe" in the subject line, this will add you to our list.  Your e-mail address will never be shared with anyone for any reason.

Further, we invite each of you to participate by submitting books you have written.  Please contact me for details.  Each published book will earn you royalties.


Shipping is ConUS.


Thank you,

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